We’re in the process of creating video classes for music, visual arts, dance, and theater using a unique instructional approach that keeps students engaged from start to finish.

  • Presentation: Students see a skill or concept being modeled.
  • Practice: Students practice the skill multiple times along with their video instructor.
  • Performance: Students move towards independence until they can perform the skill individually or as a group in front of an audience.

We can do this by providing teachers and instructional coaches with video classes in music, visual arts, dance, and theater, which they can use as their primary art curriculum or as a supplemental resource for their existing program. Our video classes are ideal for public and private schools, after-school facilities, and homeschoolers, and every lesson aligns with the National Coalition for the Arts Standards.


The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards provides a extraordinary framework for our curriculum framework and reflects the highest level of academic research and competence ever. They were created by Project Director, Phillip E. Shepherd (Manager, Academic Core Branch, Kentucky Department of Education) and a host of writing teams composed of the most highly qualified arts education professionals in the country.

Arts Areas: Dance, Visual & Media Arts, Music, and Theater
Artistic Processes: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding, and Connecting
We use these standards for all of World Upside Down’s video class curriculum.