Are you interested in using one of our video classes for free? As a part of our mission to make arts education affordable and accessible, we are giving schools and educational organizations the opportunity to participate in our Pilot Project.

•  We partner with public, private, and virtual schools, after school facilities, and homeschoolers.
• Students in Grades 4-8 have the unique opportunity to participate in a theater class.
• We provide online access to the video class, a lesson guide and extension activity so that any teacher or adult can facilitate the video class with ease.
• Participation in our Pilot Program is completely free of charge.

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Depending on the location, we may be able to visit your facility and facilitate the video class sessions personally so you can participate in the documentary film which will be created to demonstrate the results of the Pilot Project. If your educational facility wants to participate in our Pilot Project documentary film, these are the steps:

Step 1 – Click here to schedule a class.

Step 2 – Click here to access the Media Consent Forms.

Step 3 – Click here to sign the Pilot Project Participant Agreement.

Watch the video below to find out what Local 6 News is saying about our Pilot Project!

Watch the interactive video class below from our Pilot Project.