Joanna Puello, Founder/CEOJoanna
Joanna Puello is a writer, producer, actress, musician, and an avid lover of the arts; but her passion for the arts is superseded by her love for people and her desire to give students the gift of arts education. With more than 20 years of teaching experience in the U.S. and abroad, Joanna thrives on creating multi-cultural environments where culture is nurtured and developed.

Her BA in Creative Writing from Bob Jones University and MS in Instructional Design from Full Sail University, along with extensive work experience in marketing, project management, instructional video production, and education, provide her with the perfect blend of skills she needs to lead World Upside Down. Joanna lives in Orlando with her two amazing kids and husband.

“Some use the arts as an instrument of destruction, but God made the arts so that we could imitate Him as creator. Whether it’s painting a picture, singing a song, reciting a poem, or dancing salsa…we create, and in our creations, we can reflect the most exquisite beauty imaginable. More importantly, when we use the arts with the purpose they were intended to have–we can be an instrument that gives life and hope to others. That’s the power of the arts–the power to turn this World Upside Down!” 

Advisory Board

Jenelle Ferrer, President Jenelle Ferrer- Waypointe Realty 4 smaller
Jenelle’s experience ranges from the Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Education Management, Wellness, Entrepreneurship in Creative Arts Schools, and Media Industries. Over the past 5 years, she has been part of the faculty at Full Sail University  in the Media Communications Bachelor’s Program teaching Media Entrepreneurship and Media Communications Project Management both through virtual online learning and campus. She has been in real estate for over 10 years and is the owner of her real estate brokerage, Waypointe Realty located in Oviedo, Florida.


Jairo Puello, Vice-PresidentJairo
While Jairo has extensive experience in Hotel Management, Business Development, and Sales for Non-Profit and For-Profit Entities, his passion lies in the arts. As a singing artist, he has toured Latin America singing in twelve different countries. In 2007 he was nominated for “El Soberano” in the Dominican Republic (equivalent to the Grammy’s in the United States). Check out one of his music videos here: Atado a Ti



David Morillo, Secretary DavidMorillo

His simple mantra: “Inspire those around me to discover and engage their dream(s).” As an Online Admissions Training Team Leader with Full Sail University, David has invested the last 5 years leading by this specific example. He is entrusted to guide employees, both new and existing, through creative, inspiring and honest training. He prepares and leads continuing education seminars, helping to bolster participants’ sales abilities and also help to develop personal connection aptitude, while remaining focused on the big picture. He speaks from the heart, reminding his students that even when working together toward a common goal, the individual is a vital role, and equally important.

Alice (Smetheram) Ramadan, Officer Alice

A self-motivated, gregarious, cross-functional manager, Alice thrives in an environment that relies on self-discipline, being challenged by both creative and operationally oriented work, and coaching others to their highest level of success. From consultations on brand development to writing copy, from training speakers to being a keynote speaker, to leading and producing seminars on creativity and innovation her focus is on a client’s audience and how to engage them in the brand message. As published author, keynote speaker, and performer Alice has a unique understanding of brand, core values, and audience response. She is currently working as the Creative Manger at the Dr. Philips Center for Performing Arts in Orlando, FL, and also speaks and performs with her autistic and extremely talented son Henry. Find out more on her website: Henry & His Mom


Jodi Gritter Gilbert, Officer

Experienced in Education, Jodi has taught Spanish as a second language for more than fifteen years. Music and dance have formed a strong part of her two children’s formation. She has  served on the board of several non-profit organizations, helping them to synthesize their processes and maximize their resources. Her undercover super power is cyber security…she makes sure our SSL secure hosting is always in place, and we love her for it!



Camaal Moten, Officer Camaal

Experienced in Research and Evaluation in the Instructional Design Industry, the Creation of  Corporate Training Material, and the Integration of Augmented Reality in Online University Environments, Camaal is currently working as the Academic Innovation: Multimedia Instructional Designer for Full Sail University and is working with the Auburn Avenue Research Library to connect their children’s book collection with Google Earth. Check out his research: Digital Literacy–Rethining Education



Christi Davis, OfficerChristiHicksDavis

Experienced in Law (Juris Doctor), Communications and Leadership Training in the Nonprofit Sector, and Education (faculty member of Full Sail Univrsity for the New Media Journalism Master of Arts Program, Social Media and Research Courses), Christi is currently running her own social media management company. Check out Christi’s company: Third Crawford Media