I’m sharing these two videos with you so you can smile or laugh every time I raise my eyebrows and see the funny accentuated shadows of my eye makeup (or maybe I’m the only one that sees that---chalk it up to my cosmetology vocational technical training).

Seriously, though. I have kept these videos on PRIVATE status on YouTube because they were created and never used. I’m showing you them now so you can be encouraged with the idea of evolution, change, transformation, adaptation. This is what startup business is. This is what startup nonprofit is. This is my life.

So yeah, I can keep it hidden behind the curtain, or I can show you a couple of videos that I would never actually use for anything. There’s some good info, but they are nothing I would ever use. And the excess makeup is a real downer...especially in the K-12 marketplace. Teachers be wondering…”This be a soap opera I’m watching?” Yes, definitely, LOL.

In case you’re a glutton for punishment, here’s the second video.