I’m a little hesitant to share this video on our newly launched 2020 blog, but I decided to go for it. It’s really easy to share your back story once you’ve already figured it all and had a happy ending. There’s a lot more risk when you’re in the middle of it and are still trying to figure everything out. But I’ll take the risk and share my story--right where I’m at.

I produced this video about a year and a half after incorporating and planned to use it as part of a fundraiser for our first batch of videos--I’m not sure if I ever did. From 0:00 to 1:30 you’ll hear the why behind everything I’m doing. You’ll hear my heart. Listening to it now, my why inspires me. I hope it inspires you as well.

From 1:30 on, you’ll hear about the fundraising campaign which has long ended (but we are a nonprofit and are always in need of tax-deductible donations). You’ll also hear phrases like “online arts school” to describe what we do. We don’t use that term any more because it’s misleading. We don’t have teachers offering online arts courses. We create video curriculum resources to make teaching the arts fun & easy for teachers and students.

If you’d like to donate towards our video curriculum projects, please do! Video production is costly, and we can always use the support. If you’d rather sponsor a school, we can do that as well. Public teachers can get all of our resources for free through DonorsChoose.org, but not all public school administrators allow their teachers to use DonorsChoose.org, and we always have private school teachers in need of sponsorship. So either way...your gift makes a huge impact. Click here to make a donation.

If you're a content creator and teaching artist or certified arts instructor and want to collaborate, please contact me through the website. I would love to hear from you!

P.S. The heavy makeup is just an example of how NOT to listen to all the voices around you. Your inner voice is probably a bit wiser. But hey, if you're going for the super glammed up look, this is a great reference point. LOL.