Joanna Puello, Founder/CEO
10653546_10154688450265013_4246942818069757526_nJoanna Puello is a writer, producer, actress, musician, and an avid lover of the arts; but her passion for the arts is superseded by her love for people and her desire to give students the gift of arts education. With more than 15 years of teaching experience in the U.S. and abroad, Joanna thrives on creating multi-cultural environments where culture is nurtured and developed.

Her BA in Creative Writing and MS in Instructional Design from Full Sail University, along with extensive work experience in marketing, project management, instructional video production, and education, provide her with the perfect blend of skills she needs to lead World Upside Down. Joanna lives in Orlando with her two amazing kids and husband.

“Some use the arts as an instrument of destruction, but God made the arts so that we could imitate Him as creator. Whether it’s painting a picture, singing a song, reciting a poem, or dancing salsa…we create, and in our creations, we can reflect the most exquisite beauty imaginable. More importantly, when we use the arts with the purpose they were intended to have–we can be an instrument that gives life and hope to others. That’s the power of the arts–the power to turn this World Upside Down!”  - Joanna Puello

Jerusha Liranzo, Partnering Educator 
Jerusha LiranzoWith a BS in Elementary Education and a MS in Instructional Design from Full Sail University, Jerusha has played an amazing role in World Upside Down’s mission starting with the creation of the beta-test video classes created while the two sisters completed their master’s degree program together. As a teacher, Jerusha has spent her professional career working with underprivileged children and firmly believes that arts education is key to giving her students a chance not only to survive the gruesome obstacles they face every day but also to give them hope for a meaningful future.

“While working with under privileged children, I believe now more than ever that arts education needs to be a part of training for our children now and those to come. World Upside Down has the ability to give hope and healing as it unlocks the creativity within every student.”  - Jerusha Liranzo

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